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Monday, September 21, 2015
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Diamondhead is a view that is iconic of Oahu.  It's easily recognizable and once you see it in person you will always recognize it when you see it in the future.  Anyone that makes the trip to Honolulu and goes to Waikiki will surely see this beautiful crater.  One of the many other exciting things to do on Oahu is take a catamaran.  They are inexpensive and a great way to see the city from a different viewpoint.   I got set up on a blind friend date.  I knew someone who had a friend coming to Hawaii and she knew that we would hit it off as friends.  We ended up meeting up and decided to go on a catamaran, where we ended up bonding.  The view below is Diamondhead from a catamaran.



There are a lot of different catamarans to choose from and we picked a pretty one with a rainbow sail that had a few openings for a sunset cruise.  They have options for drinking on them or bringing your own cocktails, which we happened to bring along a beverage for the sunset option because frankly, who doesn't love a sunset?!


There are many things I love in this world and water, clouds and the moon are quite possibly the top three absolute favorite of mine.  The clouds in Hawaii are stunning and at sunset from the ocean it could not get better.  




I would say my first catamaran was a success: great views and new lifelong friend!


I highly suggest to anyone that goes see Diamondhead to actually do the hike to the top of the crater. The view is wonderful and the hike itself has a great path that leads you all the way to the top.  If i remember correctly it was only two dollars to actualy do the hike which is a small price to pay to keep the hike well kept for future hikers.  People of all ages and families with little kids even hiked this trail.




I was lucky enough to do this hike a few times and get some more photos out of each trip.  Lucky for me though I had my girlfriends coming for a visit right around the corner so much more exploring was about to take place on Oahu.  

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