Boat Rides and Navy Balls
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Saturday, December 19, 2015
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People in Hawaii were so nice!  Working on the island meant I did not have a car but coworkers would often give me a ride home after working.  There was one coworker that would even pick me up everytime we worked the same shift.    It was such a bonus to not have to leave for work as early on those days.  He also had a boat that he would take out around the island.  A few coworkers got together one day for a little sightseeing on the water.  




He took the boat out from Hawaii Kai to around Hanauma Bay.  When we were turning around to do some tubing, someone spotted a whale!  It was a great site to see and we followed it for a little ways before heading to a spot to let people go tubing.  



The waves and the sun exhausted us but I had plans and needed to get off the ocean and into a dress.

The fun group of guys from the Navy that I met on Thanksgiving Day were going to a Navy Ball and one of the guys asked me to go with him!  That is a huge perk of traveling, meeting new people and experiencing new activites that I never would have had the chance to experience.  

One of my best friends on the island, Mary, had went on the boat and then we went to her house so I could get ready there.  The final product is posted below :)





The navy ball was a lot of fun but we left a little early to go out in Waikiki.  We ended up singing karaoke at one of those places where your group is in a room by themselves. That makes it less awkard for me to sing.  The guys stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian, which was right by my place, so the next day I got to see what the view from a room was like!


 You can see the lagoon that I hang out at from an entirely different angle.  


Next of my friends was coming for a visit and a return trip to Maui for me.  

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