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Saturday, January 09, 2016
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My childhood best friend, Lindsey, decided to come and see me in Hawaii.  She decided to come to Oahu and then we would go to Maui together. We do not get to see each other all the time but we always pick right back up from where we left off.  After her flight arrived  we went and met up with my friends from the Navy for Mai Tais and then we checked out the sunset and the lagoon.  We headed off to Dukes to eat dinner and then we it was off to bed because we were going to Maui in the morning. 



We made it!  We were staying in Ka'anapali, which was a beautiful city on the western coast of Maui.  



It was so gorgeous.  We went snorkeling and saw lots of fish.  Lindsey even swam next to a turtle (honu).  The current was actually pretty strong and I could see how quickly someone could tire out and get intto trouble in the ocean.  The warnings of Hawaii were very serious but that is everywhere and as long as you are cautious I feel like you will be just fine in most adventures. 



Our hotel had a beautiful courtyard with plumeria trees everywhere.  Below is a hotel that we went to happy hour at and enjoyed the view and some snacks!



We got up early the next day and went to Haleakala.  This time it was not as foggy out and we could see the sun rise perfectly.  It was still freezing out but amazing to see the sun rise up over the mountain and the clouds at 10,000 feet.  Photos did not do it justice. 





We had to get more of Maui before we left it!  We drove around the island and explored a little but we loved our spot on the beach the best. 



When we were leaving, the hotel we stayed at gave us leis that would last forever!  The hospitality in Hawaii was like no where else in the United States that I had seen.  



When we headed back to Oahu we ended up visiting the Iolani Palace.  We took the tour throughout the palace and we learned a lot about the history of the Palace and Hawaii.  



We did get to have a little fun with some of my friends on the island but then Lindsey was back to the mainland.  It was a week that I wish we could repeat over again and again!


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