Maui Wowey (Part I)
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Monday, August 31, 2015
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It was time for my Maui trip with Kourtney!  I was so excited about this interisland experience.  This trip we took an airline that was not Hawaiian Islands, which I would never do again after this trip.  The flight was a small one that we had to walk onto the tarmac for and that all went well but the coming back flight got canceled due to not enough people for the flight.  The second flight was almost too full so they scheduled us for hours later.  There luckily was a second flight that had two last minute openings and we were able to catch that flight.  

We arrived in Maui and got our convertible car.  I'm not sure a convertible was the best choice of cars but we sure had a great time with it.  In Hawaii winter is the rainy season so we were switching between the convertible being up and down a lot.  The north shore because of the seasons on each island has higher waves and a bigger surf than in the summertime.  Each island has its differences and feels like a different place altogether, but more on that later. 

We arrived to the Maui airport after a long night of working so we were a little exhausted!  We headed over to Lahaina, a city on the west coast of Maui.  We did a little sightseeing, palm trees never seem to get old to me.  



In Lahaina we walked the streets and explored some of the shops. We found a cute little art museum that actually had the gallery in the basement that was the old jail.  It was very creative and the staff was very friendly there.  

I love taking photos of architecture and scenic photos (cleary!) and this Wo Hing Museum stood out on the street to me as well. 


After a little bit of sightseeing and dinner we headed off to check in and head to bed.  Thats the downfall of night shift since we had just gotten off of work that morning.  

We work up early and started our day off right...head to the Road to Hana.  Along the way, we saw so many rainbows all at once and not even rainbows but DOUBLE rainbows!  Of course, Hawaii is known for the amount of rainbows it has. They have them so much that they are on the license plates for goodness sakes!


The photo above was from a little detour we made by accident on our way to Road to Hana but we ended up back on track in no time even though we did lose a little bit of daylight.  Before our detour we stopped off in Paia and picked up lunch at the Hana Picnic Lunch company and we bought a cd to help us with the landmarks off the Road to Hana.  It helped a lot actually and I'm glad we had something to help guide us along the road.  


Our first stop was at the Ho'okipa beach lookout.  I always have my phone handy to take photos and of course I bring my Nikon with me as well.  Kourtney and I stepped out of the car and walked towards the lookout even though it was misting slightly.  We still had to take some photos because even with the mist you could tell how gorgeous this stop was.  It is a spot that a lot of surfers like to frequent.

As we are standing outside and taking photos all of a sudden it starts to downpour.  I, of course, am dressed appropriately with my Rainbow flip flops (or slippahs as they call them in Hawaii) that I love so much they have no tred on them.  As the rain gushed from the sky we ran to the car for safety and I felt my shoes slip on the mud and my feet come out from under me!  As I was midair all I could think of was save my camera so I turned my wrist so I landed on my wrist instead of the camera.  Even with a hoodie on I managed to get a little scraped up but I saved the camera, which was all I cared about (and a little bit about my ego when the man in the car next to us witnessed the whole thing).  



After that excitement we headed on down Road to Hana.  All the bridges were pretty much one lane bridges and the road twisted and turned the whole way there.  I am sure the people with houses on that street had a hard time going so slow behind all the tourists but I am not sure how they manage to drive that road daily.  Kourtney drove the whole way down and I drove all the way back (in the dark! eek!).  The road was fine though with stops of beautiful waterfalls along the way and black sand beaches, which was my first time seeing those.  They even had a red sand beach off this road (but nudity is optional at it and due to the on and off again rain we did not venture down to that beach).  






These are a few of the photos we had to stop and get.  We even made friends along the way, which is easy to do when you all are headed down the road in the same direction stopping at the same sights! 




As I mentioned winter is the rainy season and we went right in the middle of winter.  The best part about rainy season is that the waterfalls are so much more majestic!  





The black sand was just unreal.  The stormy clouds and misty made the greens appear a little more green but I would love to check out more black sand beaches when it was sunny out.  It was wonderful either way.  We made mutliple stops at viewpoints and waterfalls. There was one stretch of road we took that had posts by the side of the road that had a sign that read: "Do not cross when water level touches red on posts"  Well the water runs over the street possibly all year but not enough to matter but apparently during the winter or when its raining the road can flood and sweep the car off the road.  The man in front of us got out of his car and attempted to walk it to see if it was too strong but up to his knees he ended up turning the car around and not attempting.  



Unfortunately we did not get to see what was down that road but it did leave us some time to explore the Hana Lava Tubes which was very interesting to see.  You get hard helmets with lights attached to them.  It was a good learning experience and my first lava tube (but not the last in Hawaii!)


Those waterfalls!

The photo above was a photo of the Seven Sacred Pools, at the very end where the water enters the ocean.  

After a fun filled day doing the Road to Hana we relaxed and got dinner and got ready for more adventures the next day...

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Erin May - Thank you so much for checking it out! I think you should go check out the islands when you can!
GregB - Wow, great photography in a very beautiful part of the world. Nice to see that you have made the best of an opportunity to see the country and experience the culture of the places you travel to while working. Thanks for sharing your talent as a photographer with us, good job. Would love to go there and see it in person.