Memorial Day in Hawaii
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Friday, April 01, 2016
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Memorial day on Oahu is a time for rememberance.  Punchbowl Cemetary, which was one of the first places I visited on Oahu, is an amazing sight to be seen on any day. On Memorial Day, Punchbowl becomes even more remarkable, as the Boy Scouts place leis on many of the gravesites.  



The flags and leis went on throughout the whole cemetary.  To see so many graves marked and thought of on this holiday, made me stop and think of all of those lives lost.  


Punchbowl is not the only place honoring the memories of those lost.  On Memorial Day, at the Ala Moana Park (the lagoon specifically) there is a lantern service that takes place.  A service is held for the reflection and rememberance of those people that we have lost.  The lanterns do not cost any money and families can write loved ones, messages, poems for someone that the family wants to remember.   


The lanterns are lit and sent out into the ocean.  Thousands of people attend this ceremony and send these beautiful lanterns out.  The lanterns are picked up and refurbished for the following year.  



This photo above shows all the people in the water sending the lanterns out at sunset.


This is one of my favorite shots from the lantern floating.  I just cannot describe how beautiful and yet sad it was to see all those names floating off to the open waters.  This is one of the many must sees in Honolulu if one is around on Memorial Day!

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