Pearl Harbor and Oahu
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Saturday, November 14, 2015
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I had a lot of visitors when I went out to Hawaii!  It was a lot of fun to see my friends in such a fun place.  I had to play tour guide a little which was not always easy when I was still a tourist myself.  My friend Joy came to visit for almost a week!  I could not believe she came out to see me! She was my preceptor when I got hired back home.  I always told her that she taught me everything I know!  One of the first things that we both wanted to do was go to Pearl Harbor.  I had not gone yet and I wanted to see it badly.  It was sad to see this piece of history for this island, our country. 




Joy and I exploring Pearl Harbor (pictured above)




Pictured above is the actual anchor to the ship in the photograph.  It is still attached to the ship and has a tunnel in which the chain runs through.  



There is still oil that is visible around this site.  


All the names, so many names in the above photo.  It is a place I suggest everyone visiting if one can make it to Oahu.  


Of course we had to go out of Waikiki.  We explored the north shore as well.  While we were on the north shore we had some of the best Thai food I've ever had at a place called Opals Thai.  The owner asked a few things we liked and he brought us dishes that we loved.  

But we also had to go explore Waikiki beaches (pictured above and the next two below)


It is worth it to go to an amazing far off land and have your friends visit you!  It feels like home away from home!

We did a lot of things that I had done with a few people before which may be the only downfall of visitors to an amazing land.  Obviously there are places that your friends have to see as a tourist but you end up seeing them a few times on repeat but each experience is still fun and new!

Joy and I ended up going to a botanical garden. The trees were insane.  There were gorgeous flowers but the biggest noticable difference was the trees!  We also learned that the palm tree that is Hawaiian is actually much smaller compared to the palm trees that are normally seen in Hawaii.  Apparently the larger palm trees were brought from other islands which I thought was an interesting fact.  



I did not want Joy to leave but as they say all good things must come to an end!

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