Pro Bowl in Hawaii
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Saturday, October 17, 2015
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I'm not sure what you may have heard about Hawaii and how locals act to outsiders but I would ignore that if it was negative.  Everyone was so kind and always offering up advice on what to see and where to go.  Not knowing anyone at first, I ate out at places by myself.  Going places alone often led to me making friends, if only for a meal.  Many of these people gave me their numbers in case I wanted more information on the island.  I was warned ahead of time that being white, a "haole" would have people look down on me but I really didn't ever find this to be the case.  I was told the western side of Oahu had the most native Hawaiians and that it was best to not venture out that way alone.  I didn't press my luck and stayed away from that side of the island but the rest of the island was very welcoming.  

The day Kristen and Kyra left, Kyra mentioned that her friend Jeff was in town for the Pro Bowl.  He was a mascot for the Tampa Bay Bucs.  She gave us each others numbers so we could hang out.  Since I worked nights my schedule was a little hard to have time to hang out but a few nights before the Pro Bowl I got to sing karaoke with the mascots of the NFL.  This was my first time going to a karaoke bar on the island and it was unlike karaoke anywhere else.  This building had several different rooms where a group of people rented out to sing all their favorite songs.  The room had a fridge, couch, big screen television and of course a book with song after song.  

When I walked into the building it was decorated for Valentines Day since it was January.  I would never have imagined it was karaoke behind those doors if I had not seen it for myself.  

Such a unique place but I must say it was fun to have a room full of people that aren't strangers in a bar, so it's a little easier to sing songs.  I think this is the only way I can actually do karaoke, otherwise I get too nervous.  

I love football and I was so excited to go to the Pro Bowl.  It was not as exciting as a real game but the fact that I was living in Hawaii and the Pro Bowl was there, I had to see it!

I was pretty excited to be able to check the Pro Bowl in Hawaii off my list of things I had done. I never was sure if I would get to make it there to see it! Next on the agenda, my friend Holly was coming to visit!! 

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