Stairway to Heaven, Haiku Stairs
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Monday, March 07, 2016
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Unfortunately, a lot of the hikes in Hawaii are being shut down.  I know some are due to safety issues but a lot I feel are due to people disrespecting the land.  Stairway to heaven is one of those hikes that has been "shut down".  It was technically illegal to do this hike when we went. There was a guard that would watch the stairs at certain hours, but most people went before the guard got there (3am) or they went after the guard had left (3 pm).  Since I have left Hawaii, they have shut down the stairs part completely, but I hear you can still go up the side without stairs.  



It was strange that the sign stated the stairs were closed because the stairs were in great condition.  They did get really slick if there was any rain so be careful with any precipitation. 


This is a stair stepper for sure, metal stairs all the way up to a satellite looking device.  The day that we went, we ended up in the clouds and there was a thick fog all around us but the view was still unbelievable the whole way. 




When we got high enough, you could even see the highway with the mountains towering behind it (pictured below). 



This is about the time that the fog rolled in or the time we made it high enough to be in the clouds.  



The view from that height was amazing though...




We stopped a lot to take photos as pictured below, photo credit to our friend PJ. 



The Navy had a radio statio at the top of the stairs that was since run down.   Since the radion station was shut down for a long while, one of the buildings had graffiti all over it. 




I believe there are almost 4,000 steps here.   That is a bit of a climb but I have been told by my friends that the views of the sunrises and the sunsets are priceless.  That is, if the clouds cooperate. 



The fog created a white background in some photos, which looked like a fake background. 



Here is the crew that went on the hike that day.  A great group of friends that all met working together.  



The views even with the fog were still unbelievable.   We went in the afternoon and it was starting to get dark on our way down so we did not take any pics on the way down but we had enough photos all the way up that I think we were able to show people exactly what it was like.





Walking into the unknown.  


Here (pictured below) is the top!  We reached it!


If this hike opens again from the stair side, I highly suggest doing this hike...I mean who wouldn't want to climb a billion stairs and be rewarded with one of the best views of Oahu?

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