Williwillinui Ridge Trail
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Monday, April 25, 2016
By Erin
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A group of friends from my work decided to go on another hike together.  One of the guys that we worked with is an amazing photographer and he has done a lot of hikes throughout Hawaii.  He would usually find the hikes for us and he recommended the Williwillinui Ridge Hike.  We only did a small portion of the hike but as always the trip was beautiful.  

The photo above is pretty much the start of the ridge hike.  There were a few trees up to this point to pass by, but then the trail starts where this photo was taken.  There is so much greenery surrounding the trail and you can see the trail heads almost straight up.  

Stairs…Stairs are probably my least favorite thing to do on a hike.  I don't know why but I would rather crawl up a mountain. These were a few of the stairs of the trail as you get much closer to the top.  The trail itself does not really consist too much of those stairs.  The smiley face on one though was an added bonus. 

With pretty much anything in Hawaii, there was a risk for disaster.  The signs posted when we got to the top warned people of the cliffs and that it could be dangerous.  When we got to that point, there was a trail that let you keep going farther along the ridge but we would have to either take the same trail back or find a ride at the street at the end of the ridge trail.  


The fog was so thick at the top of the trail, which made for interesting photos.  The background appeared to be a white backdrop for some of our pictures and we waited patiently up top for any chance of the clouds to clear to get a good shot of the view up top. 

We were not certain why the lei was placed there on the trail….for a loved one that passed possibly?

We hung out at the top and enjoyed the intermittent scenic view and took some photos of each other.  We then took off back down the trail again.  My friend who gathered us all together, Scott Sharick, took a few photos of us (shown below).  

Time to take the view in one more time before we headed back down!

The fun part was the stairs all the way back down...


Actually, I don't mind the stairs down, it's just the stairs going up that I cannot stand.



Once we made it back to the start of the trail, there is a swing.  We snapped a quick swing and tree shot and then headed out to the parking lot through the trees to get some much needed food and rest… until the next hike...

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